Our First Green Conference + Augmented Architecture

Opportunity Green was so much fun!! Thanks to all the wonderful people who made it happen. 

Our augmented architecture installation was a big hit, and got mentioned in this lovely Inhabitat writeup of the event. Working with Gensler was a dream! Huge thanks to Design Director Shawn Gehle, designer Edgardo Caceres and Principal Irwin Miller for your team’s incredible work and dedication to making this happen. Check out 1:09 in the video for a shot of the ‘tornado,’ and 1:18 for us posing with the Gensler team at the afterparty. daqri CEO Brian Mullins is all the way on the left with the walkie talkie.

For more photos, please DO NOT HESITATE to check out our Facebook page photoset here

We absolutely believe in the cause of sustainability and hope to continue to use augmented reality as a visual communication medium that supports our transition to a healthier, greener planet.